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Internet Trolls

Dealing with
Internet Trolls and
Negative Comments

February 14, 2022

How to deal with Internet Trolls and Negative Comments

Hate comments suck. We’ve all seen them, maybe some of us have even received them. The people who leave these hate comments have too much time on their hands and most times are not involved within the industry they are hating on. What even is an internet Troll? There’s a difference between negative feedback and trolls. Most times these people will use hurtful or hate comments to catch our attention and get a reaction out of us. Here are 6 key tips on dealing with internet trolls.

  1. Wait or Ignore 

Before you hit send when firing back, stop and let it simmer. Come back to the response later once you’ve cooled down. If you don’t feed the trolls, they will go somewhere else. Remember, all they want is to get a reaction and catch you and your business in a bad light.

  1. Kill them with Kindness or Humour 

Never underestimate the power of positivity. Thank them for bringing the issue up to them, and respond through kindness. Other times you can try diffusing with humor, send back a joke regarding their comment.

Mend Marketing Dealing With Internet Trolls

  1. Correct Mistakes and Educate

If the comment is full of misinformation or straight up lies, you can respond in a professional manner by educating them and correcting their mistakes.

  1. Be Kind but Stand Your Ground

When it comes to the comments that are directed at you personally, it can be really hurtful. Respond to the trolls stating how their comment made you feel, this shows them that someone is actually reading these comments. Use the hate comments as fuel to keep you going.

  1. Block or Report

For those especially harmful or potentially dangerous comments, block the person and or report the comment to the police. This is where a social media manager can be helpful as they’ll detect slander and remove it immediately.

  1. Empathize and Learn. 

Understand that even the trolls are real people and we don’t always know where they are coming from. Take the comments as an opportunity to see things from another point of view and establish how you’d like to be represented online.

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