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The Reach Pub

Your Local, No BS Pub

Comfort Food and Drinks

For Long-Time Regulars and Those New to the Ridge

A local, honest, home-grown establishment that celebrates community and loves to have fun! The Reach Pub is a place for those wanting to enjoy comfort food and eat among friends. With the theme of 'cheers' in mind, the social presence for the Reach communicated upcoming events like decade parties and trivia nights while also showcasing staff, regulars, and food. The theme was integrated into the mood of the content: humourous reels and relatable memes.

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  • I am so impressed with these women! They really listened to what we were asking for and how we would like our brand to be on social media. They are wonderful to work with and are just great human beings as well. I can contact them anytime and they are so flexible. They’re eager and always seem so excited to do their job. It shows in what they produce! Absolutely amazing!

    The Reach Pub