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Content Pillars:

What Are They &
How to Determine Them?

February 14, 2022

Content Pillars

Social Media is an ever-changing world, but the things that make your business unique and thrive will always remain. As the leader in your industry, you should create content pillars that will fuel your social media presence. These pillars will amplify the voice of your content and give it life by constantly creating new posts for people who love what they are seeing!

What are Content Pillars?

4 to 6 main topics that your business consistently discusses on social media. To create a successful social media campaign, your brand needs to have content that is both engaging and consistently pushing out new information. So, to do that, you need to understand your niche audience and what they are looking for. This is then broken into categories aka your content pillars. We recommend keeping this quite focused and specific to reach exactly who you are targeting.

Why Do I Need Them?

  1. They Make Content Planning WAY Easier: You can create a more organized and strategic plan for your brand. The framework makes it easy to group similar topics in one place so that everything is at hand when needed!
  2. Creates a flow across your channels: It’s important that each post flow seamlessly from one stage of communication into another to build trust and to further your brand identity along the way
  3. Switches up weekly content so followers aren’t seeing the same types of posts and getting bored: Creating content that not only captures attention but also inspires engagement, loyalty and conversion will ultimately lead you on an evolving path of success!

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How to Determine Your Content Pillars?

  1. Problems you Solve: Use the obstacles that people have in their lives as leverage points- what are some things they can relate to?
  2. Your ideal audience’s needs: By addressing common needs, you will be able to provide value in a streamlined and entertaining way.
  3. Your expertise, experience, and formal education: Your words will carry credibility and explain concepts that others may not understand or even know about.

Successful social media campaigns are all about developing content pillars. Developing a strong foundation for your online presence and building it from the ground up with engaging, authentic material that people will love following is what we do best! If you would like to get started on an effective campaign strategy or need some assistance crafting posts tailored just for YOU then don’t hesitate – contact Mend Marketing today so our team can put together something perfect just how YOU want it!